About our school

Located in Adelaide, our primary school is a medium-sized school with excellent facilities and a strong parent and community focus.

We provide high-quality education and build supportive relationships to help students achieve their goals.

Our school offers:

  • Individual academic support from high-quality teaching staff.
  • A healthy lifestyle program through physical education and healthy eating initiatives.
  • Outstanding performing arts and language opportunities.
  • Excellent facilities, including a large oval, two playgrounds and gym hall.
  • A digital focus to our teaching with state-of-the-art resources.
  • An environmental and sustainability focus….

At our school, students can learn and grow in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Current Enrolments

Our School currently has 63 enrolled students

Our vision

Our goal as a school is to enable young people to develop and acquire the skills to thrive and contribute to the global world.

Our values

Friendship – being kind, caring and friendly to others. Respect – actively listening, using good manners and considering others’ needs. Integrity – honesty, trustworthiness and taking responsibility for our actions. Support – encouraging and helping others to achieve their best. Determination – always trying our best and never giving up.

Our facilities


Our school hall is a large heritage building with state-of-the-art facilities. These include rooms equipped with portable devices for students to use, including tablets and iPads.  


Our oval is fully fenced and equipped with toilets, a playground, BBQ facilities, soccer goals, football goals, netball court and 2 shelters. 


Inside our gym is a full basketball court, kitchen, toilets and a stage. The gym has heating and cooling so it can be safely used across all seasons. 

Playground and gardens

We have 2 nature-based playgrounds that provide a fun outdoor learning environment. Surrounding each playground is a nature garden where students can plant, nurture and learn. 

“The learning experience at Department School is fantastic. There’s full support from the teachers, who encourage and challenge my children to always do their best.”

Jo Black

Parent of Department School Student